27th January 2010

Finding the Right Wrinkle Treatment

As people age, their skin starts to change and the skin around the face and neck is the most troublesome as wrinkles begin to appear and the skin does not look as vibrant as it once did. There are different types of wrinkle treatments on the market today beyond a facelift that are designed to take care of these wrinkles and help the skin of the face and neck to look tighter and more vibrant again. The reason that the face does not look as glowing as it did in the past is because the skin cells of the face do not get replaced as readily, taking double the time that it took when younger. Thus, the face looks dull as the cells on the face are older.

Types of Treatments

One type of wrinkle treatment is laser wrinkle treatment or laser resurfacing. This type of treatment is typically used to help with dynamic wrinkles, or those that are formed from the different expressions that people make with their faces day after day, causing the skin to ‘remember’ where it folded and form wrinkles. Wrinkle treatment by laser is not a permanent treatment, however, because although the wrinkles may be removed for a time, the skin will continue to be folded over and over again due to the facial expressions the person makes and will require wrinkle treatment again in the future. The lasers basically remove the damaged skin cells and help to tighten the skin so that the texture and color is better. However, it does not solve the problem of the cells not replacing themselves as quickly and will usually require another treatment within six months.

A facelift is another type of wrinkle treatment that is commonly sought by people who have wrinkles that are like folds of skin caused by the skin drooping with time. This wrinkle treatment is done by pulling back the skin so that the skin is tightened to its initial position again. Unfortunately this treatment does not last forever either and will require the individual get another facelift after time goes by and the skin starts to sag again.

There are other types of wrinkle treatments on the market as well that are growing in popularity. Botox and Collagen injections can help to fill in the wrinkles caused by facial movement for a period of time, however they also require multiple treatments, usually within three to six months. There are chemical peels, dermabrasion and Themage that individual will also use as wrinkle treatments for the dynamic wrinkles caused by facial movement.

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