11th July 2010

Creating a Younger Neck: Neck Wrinkles Treatment

The neck is one place where it is often easy to see a person’s age since the skin of the neck is difficult to treat through common methods of wrinkle treatments that are on the market. Part of the reason for this is that the neck is affected by gravity so that the skin of the neck is pulled downward which makes it have a drooping, wrinkled appearance. There are some neck wrinkle treatments that have been found to help with the issue of a drooping and wrinkled neck for most individuals.


There are some home remedy options for neck wrinkle treatments such as massaging the skin of the face and neck to stimulate the blood circulation which helps to stimulate the tissue and muscles of the neck area and make it look smoother and younger again. There are also green grapes or the cores of pineapples that can be rubbed on the wrinkles of the neck which is supposed to help to eliminate these wrinkles according to neck wrinkle treatments. There are also some wrinkle treatment creams that are supposed to help with neck wrinkles as well and can be applied at home.

There are also professional neck wrinkle treatments on the market today. One is to have Botox injected into the wrinkles of the neck so that they are filled in and brought flush with the other skin again. These Botox injections usually last from three to six months so that it is not a permanent fix to the wrinkles of the neck or face as a neck wrinkle treatment. In fact, there is not permanent fix to neck wrinkles, but there are some other options that tend to last longer.

One of these is thermage neck wrinkle treatments which use radio frequencies to heat up the skin and stimulate the collagen within in. This helps the collagen to become elastic again and stronger so that the skin again has the buoyancy of the past and the wrinkles become filled in. Thermage is a neck wrinkle treatment that does not show results right away, but usually takes at least a month to see any noticeable differences in the skin. However, thermage has been seen to last at least five years before needing any other treatment, so it is definitely a better option than Botox. It is a painful procedure though and the healing from this neck wrinkle treatment can take up to a week. This is not as long as other laser neck wrinkle treatments which can be very painful and can take up to two weeks to heal from the procedure.

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