22nd July 2010

Finding the Best Wrinkle Treatment Cream

The face begins to slow in replacing the old cells so that the process takes twice as long as when a person is younger. This makes the face appear dull and somewhat dirty even when the face is kept on a daily cleansing schedule. This also means that the face begins to lose its elasticity so that when the face makes certain expressions throughout the day which causes the skin to fold in certain ways, the skin does not bounce back as easily as it once did and starts to form wrinkles. This has made the market of anti-wrinkle treatments a huge one, as people are living longer now than ever yet still want to look as young and vibrant as possible.

Types of Care

Wrinkle treatment creams are touted all over the health care market and some have definite benefits while others seem to have little to no effect. Those that are most effective help to stimulate the collagen in the skin which makes the skin stronger and more elastic, giving it the ability to retain its shape rather than create wrinkles. Some of these wrinkle treatment creams can be remarkably expensive. However, compared to laser treatment or thermage, the creams can be a good alternative, and definitely less painful than these other treatments for wrinkles.

The area where wrinkles usually first appear is around the eyes, so there are many wrinkle treatments creams designed to be safe for this region and to work well on the sensitive skin around the eyes to prevent wrinkles. The problem with this type of treatment is that it has to be used consistently in order to see results in the eye region and to prevent any new wrinkles from occurring. In addition, the cost of buying the wrinkle treatment cream over years of time will easily add up to a more permanent solution such as thermage, which will last the person up to five years before needing any additional treatment.

There is also surgery such as the surgical eye lift that can work much more quickly than wrinkle treatment cream, although it is painful and costs thousands of dollars. In addition, there are Botox or collagen injections which can help to fill in the wrinkles that the wrinkle treatment cream helps to repair, and lasts from three to six months before requiring another treatment. These injections are slightly painful, unlike the wrinkle treatment creams, and cost more initially than the creams do in most cases.

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