22nd April 2009

Types of Wrinkle Treatment

As you grow older, the skin around your face and neck begins to change causing wrinkles to appear, making your skin look less youthful as it once did. However, different types of wrinkle treatment are readily available on the market, going beyond a facelift to take care of the wrinkles and to help the skin around your neck and face appear vibrant again. The reason why the skin on your face may not look as lively as it did is due to skin cells not being replaced as readily and taking double the time than when younger. The effects create older looking skin due to wrinkles.

Wrinkle Treatments Available To You

One of the many types of wrinkle treatments is the laser wrinkle treatment or otherwise known as laser resurfacing. This type of wrinkle treatment is typically used to help with dynamic wrinkles and those that are formed from the different expressions people make everyday. This causes the skin to ‘remember’ where it folded and then forms wrinkles. The laser wrinkle treatment removes the damaged skin cells and helps to tighten the skin so that the texture and color is improved. Wrinkle treatment from the laser is not a permanent solution as the skin will continue to fold over and over again due to facial expressions resulting in further wrinkle treatment in the future. As the cells do not replace themselves quick enough the next expected laser wrinkle treatment would be within six months of having the original treatment.

Another type of wrinkle treatment that is frequently used amongst people who have wrinkles that appear to look like folds of skin that droop, is a facelift. This form of wrinkle treatment is done by pulling back the skin making it tighter and also putting it back in its original position. However, having a facelift is does not last forever either and will require the individual to get another facelift when the skin begins to sag again over time.

Other forms of wrinkle treatments are becoming more readily available on the market due to increased popularity. Botox and Collagen injections help to fill in wrinkles, however, this type of wrinkle treatment has the same outcomes as those mentioned above meaning that multiple treatments will have to made within three to six months. Alternative forms such as chemical peels, dermabrasion and Themage are available for you to consider using as wrinkle treatments to help fight the wrinkles caused by facial movement.

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