29th July 2010

Removing the Crow’s Feet: Eye Wrinkle Reduction

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Eye wrinkle reduction is one of the most common concerns for individuals who are getting older, especially women. Wrinkles start to occur as the skin ages and becomes less elastic, unable to return to its original shape anymore after being folded over due to facial expressions over the course of the day. The eyes are often the first places that wrinkles appear since laugh lines are made here from smiling all of the time. When smiling, the skin around the eyes gets folded over. Older skin starts to become creased where it has been folded so many times and thus forms wrinkles.

Eye wrinkle reduction can be found in the form of skin cream that can be applied to the eyes after cleansing the skin two times per day. Eye wrinkle reduction creams usually have some sort of collagen or Botox in them so that they help to fill in the wrinkles by adding that to the natural collagen in the skin, replenishing it. If used consistently, this eye wrinkle reduction cream can help to fill in the wrinkles that have been formed and also prevent new ones from forming since the skin is healthier in that area.

Surgical Methods

Eye wrinkle reduction can also be found in terms of surgery, such as getting an eye lift. With this method, the skin around the eyes that has started to get wrinkles is pulled back towards the ears and hairline so that the wrinkles are pulled taught. In addition, where the skin around the eyes has started to sag, it is also pulled taught so that the eyes look bright and there are no longer any wrinkles around them. This method of eye wrinkle reduction is painful since it is an out patient surgery and will require recovery time that is not usually given under most employees contracts, so it is more money out of pocket. The results of the surgery are usually beautiful and instant though (after the recovery time) leaving the individual with younger looking eyes until the skin starts to fold and droop again.

There is also laser eye wrinkle reduction which can be done and is often more effective than the eye lift since it actually stimulates collagen production so that the skin is healthier after the treatment than before and is less prone to retaining wrinkles in it. It also helps to skim off the layers of dead or unhealthy skin so that the newer skin beneath is exposed, again, leaving the skin healthier after the eye wrinkle reduction process than before.

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