16th July 2010

Searching the Market for the Best Wrinkle Reduction?

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There are many different companies that will claim to have a product that provides the best wrinkle reduction on the market today. In the past, there were very few options for wrinkle reduction besides a good skin care regimen, and there were often conflicting views on what that would entail. Other than that, there was the costly facelift which was usually reserved for the rich and famous that had the time and money for that type of operation. Eye wrinkle reduction became the next most common problem searching for a solution, since that is where wrinkles commonly occur from the dynamic movement of the face over the course of each day.

Methods to Use

One of the best wrinkle reduction methods today is still to maintain a consistent skin care system each day. This helps older skin to remove excess dirt, skin cells and makeup that prevents it from looking healthy and vibrant. Older skin does not replace the cells as quickly as younger skin, often taking twice as long to replace all of the cells in the face and neck. This causes the skin to look dull and to lose elasticity, which causes wrinkles to form more easily. The best wrinkle reduction is a skin cleansing regimen that includes a gentle cleanser, exfoliating agent and moisturizer. These three things should be done twice per day: in the morning and before bed.

If professional methods for wrinkle reduction are preferred, one of the newest and best wrinkle reduction methods is that of thermage. Thermage uses radio frequencies to heat the collagen beneath the skin so that it is stimulated and becomes stronger and more flexible again. The process is quite costly and is painful as well, requiring pain medication and several days up to a week of rest after the procedure. It also does not produce instant results, but requires at least a month’s time to show signs of increased collagen in the skin which eliminates wrinkles. Once the process starts though, the thermage method lasts over five years and some speculate up to ten years, although the process is new and there has not been time enough to prove that yet.

Lasers are another of the best wrinkle reduction methods on the market. They work similarly to thermage in that they heat the collagen which stimulates it and makes the skin healthier. Lasers also take off the top layers of the skin which helps to bring the level of the wrinkles and the surface of the skin into closer proximity so that the wrinkles are less noticeable. This procedure requires more recovery time and is often more painful than thermage.

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